Hello from my World......

I guess there are people out there that think my life as a wife, stay at home mom, and a cowgirl is something interesting. Not sure where to start? But here goes nothing.....I am a young and crazy gal at heart, married to the man of my dreams, Chris. We have 2 kiddos, Colton is 16 and Carlee (often called Fred) is 13. Life is always interesting here on the Drummond Ranch, to say the least. We try show our kids what and what not too do in life, but sometimes they have to figure out for themselves. We live on a 18,000 acre ranch on the Oklahoma-Kansas line, where we take care of 3,500 yearling and run 1300 momma cows. When we are not chasing cattle, we are off rodeoing somewhere. Not your everyday rodeo but Ranch Rodeo, which is similar but showcases more of the everyday ranching life. Chris and the kids ranch rodeo, Chris does alot of Open and WRCA (Working Ranch Cowboys Assoc) along with Ranch Style Bronc Ridings. The kids do their deal just the same as Chris just at a younger level. It's called the Junior Ranch Rodeo Assoc, if you haven't ever heard of such a thing, go check it out!!! And as for me, I use to rodeo right along side Chris and with an all women's team but now a days you find me being the crazy mom on the sidelines, late night chauffeur, and chef!! Well that is a sneak peak into my life. If you find it interesting please stay tuned to my page as I will share stories of husband/wife working together, everyday stories, rodeo life on the rodeo, and of course the crazy but funny things my kids come up with. Until later may you share the dinner table with your family tonight and enjoy the blessings from God!