Colt 45

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Spitting image of his Dad.....never having much to say but always having that little shy smile on his face. Cowboy at heart, gentlemen because mom makes him, and hard worker because that is all he knows.  Saddles, bits, spurs and pocket knifes are his trades, never try to get the upper hand on a good knife trade with Colt. A good friend of ours called him 45 one day and its his trade mark, its on everything he owns including the cow herd he and little sister operate.

The Piss Head

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That's right, he already knows the down fall of being a cowboy and that is having to ride all the horses, not just the good ones. He has always had a good one in the pickings but there has also been a colt or "piss head" there for him to ride also. A couple years ago Chris, Colton and Tyler (a good friend/day worker) were at Drummond's doctoring on some yearlings. Tyler had brought a young horse that day, he didn't know much at all and tracking cattle was not one of his good skills. After Chris would line out the sick one and rope him, Tyler would attempt to heel it as his horse would run by never seeing the cow. As Tyler is training on his new ride and trying to get him pulled back around to head back to the action, Colt trots 'Paint' (good ole faithful) over and heels the steer like there is nothing to it. It didn't just happen once, but all day long. When the trailer gate closed for the day Colt looked at Tyler and said..."Why don't you ride a horse you can get something done on and leave that piss head at home?".....Tyler just laughed because Colt was 6 years old and said it like he was the ranch manager. Chris over heard the little boss giving orders but didn't say anything.............But the next morning he picked out Colt's mount for the day.....yep you guessed it.....a piss head!!! A young horse that didn't know a single thing!!! They loaded up and met Tyler in the same pasture as the day before excitement had happened. Dragging his feet with his head hanging below his shoulders Colt made it to the back of the trailer to unload his prize ride for the day. Tyler was waiting for him there with a smile on his face......."Morning Colt, what you riding today?" (Tyler knew exactly what it was).  Colt looked up at Tyler with a tear in his eye and said "A piss head"..............well as you can imagine the day went along with Chris and Tyler roping all the cattle because Tyler followed the boss's orders and rode a broke horse. Poor Colt he spent his summer vacation pulling piss heads around!!

The best part of the story is the unspoken words between two shy cowboys. Chris never had to tell him about talking to older cowboys with disrespect, and Colt will forever be grateful of a broke horse!

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