Miss Fred

Monday, April 18, 2011

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Cowgirl all the way through........High maintenance I must say. She would prefer the pink hand made tall tops over any other boots..... or shoes for that matter.

Only the best for her horse "Molly" which she saved bottle calf money to buy.....Molly has it all: Handmade bit on a headstall that Fred won at the Junior Ranch Rodeo Finals and a saddle custom made by Matt Hunn tooled with  flowers and butterflies

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Fred, is no different then any cowhand......depending on the duties for the day or rodeo, makes a difference in the horse she picks from the Rockin P string. Molly would be the everyday ranch work choice, for she is calm and has a lot of cow. As for the rodeo mount she picks "Sorrely". The good ole faithful, never letting a cow by!!!

I am so proud of this girl, she is a better horseman then I could ever be (she must get that from her daddy). Balance is a natural thing, and skill is something that is easy to learn for her. But heart is something that couldn't ever be bought or taught!!!

This is her story

July 2009, one hot evening I was cooking dinner and Chris was shoeing a horse in the front yard.  Her Daddy had put a halter on Sorrely and threw her up on his bare back to ride around the yard like she did on a daily basis.  I grabbed a glass a tea and took it out to Chris, as I was walking back inside to check on the cook stove I heard a scream.....Whoa Whoa Whoa.....looking up I saw her hanging on for dear life as he was running full speed to the barn. After a duck and dive between pick ups and barns, he lost Carlee in the concrete steps. Everything was slow motion from there......Chris ran to her, picked her up and from the look in his eyes....something was way wrong. Running as fast as I could, screaming, and freaking out trying to get there fast........She wasn't awake, but was trying to come to and catching her breath..... her eye/forehead was swelling fast!!! Before we knew it we were all loaded up in the truck headed to town......We started to think she was fine when she looked in the mirror and asked "Is my eye always going to be like this?" The small town hospital sent us on the Bartlsville. In just a few minutes they had her in a CAT scan and found 3 fractures in her skull!! Waiting for Doctors to come in....reality hit Chris and I. Trying to remember if I turned the oven off,  remembering that horses were still tied to the fence waiting to be shod, and of course Sorrely was still running around somewhere.  Trying to find the strength to call a friend and ask them to take care of what we left behind, Chris lost it. All he could say was...."I almost killed her, I'm so sorry. Its my fault, I should have never have put her on him". I was doing good until that point....When Chris cries you know is it bad.  With in minutes I was on my way with Fred to Tulsa St. Frances Children's Hospital by ambulance and Chris was dropping Colt off with Papa and heading our way. After a long night in Trauma and ER, we finally made it up stairs where they watched over her the next 12 hours and decided that she was tough and good to go home. 

The day after

The day after

We no more made it through the ranch gate and she asked her daddy to catch the horses show she could ride......Chris told her we better not push our luck and she needed to take a few days off.  Staying off her horse was the last thing she wanted to hear, but didn't argue the fact.  Two years later you would never know what a wide ride she took that night, until you look real close at her. Her left eye is starting to sag just a little.....with time the doctors will decide whether it is something that needs to be fixed or just left alone as a reminder of the blessing from God!

Well that is the scary story of Miss Carlee......I promise the next story about her will be on a happy and funny note as we all know what kind of a crazy hearted cowgirl she is!

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