More than just a gold buckle

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Over the years and the miles I have been in a lot of rodeos in my young age, everything from Junior Rodeos to World Championships.  Winning all kinds of prizes from saddles, to buckles, spurs, tack and of course money. With each and every rodeo I enter, I put my heart and soul into it not only for myself or my horse, but for the team.  One rodeo that sticks in my heart is a men's ranch rodeo in Stillwater, Ok the OSU Rodeo Team put on. Our team wasn't stacked up like the others.......we had 2 girls and 2 guys.  Of course it was me and Chris, good friend-neighbor Joyce, and Chris' long life friend Joe. With odds against us we went to them.

Not remembering the order of events now that it it has been 5 years, but one event was the trailer loading. Unlike any other way I have ever done it before, trailer was packed in the middle of the arena with gate open. The teams were to sort their 3 head out and load them in the trailer with using nothing but your horsemanship skills...........Kick Butt!! We were the only team to get a time in that event (out of 20 teams)!!! Next was the doctoring, they turned 2 steers out and however you chose to get them roped and tied down was up to you. We decided to split up, Joe-Joyce and Me-Chris.  Chris roped ours at the end of the arena where all the Cowboys were gathered. Not giving the rope enough time to get tight, I was off my horse and mugging the steer to the ground. The second Chris thought I had it under control, he was off and headed my way to tie him down. Bt that time the steer had taken back a little control of the situation, before I knew it I felt my teeth chatter in my head and all the cowboys had heard it. In the end we got both steers tied down in a good time. Last but not least was the cow milking, each team got 2 loops to catch her. Joe chunked a big oh "shitty" loop and missed, I happened to be the closest one to her for the 2nd loop.  Lining her out, trying to make everything just right, I hear......"Don't Miss, Its Our Last Loop" .......I wasn't going to miss for the word.... I roped the big longhorn cow and after the boys mugged and Joyce milked we put up a great time.

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After the rodeo we were waiting for the annoucment of the winners........figuring we got 2nd and excited about it we were sitting around waiting for a check........"Top Hand goes to....... Amy Potter".....shocked to say the least, I road out in the arena to get my prize, sleeping baby in my saddle and all. Looking back now I don't even remember what the prize was. Come to find out there was 2 judges in the crowd and each team voted on it as well, so to know the other cowboys had voted for me was worth the whole world.   Riding out of the arena I received a lot of "congrats" and "pats on the back".... but the best thing I ever won was the feeling of making my husband proud!! He isn't the best about sharing his feelings but as I rode by, I over heard him tell a cowboy friend....."Thanks, I'm proud of her.....One thing about it, If you are going to get beat by a girl, I'm glad she is my wife not somebody else's"........Man did my heart melt, causing a dirt tear to run down my face. Making him proud was the best prize I could ever win, and the song from Chris LeDoux reminds me of it often!


I have rodeoed on the circuit for nearly fifteen years


To reach the top it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears


I finally won the title, finally gained the fame


But, honey, it don't matter if the whole world knows my name


Of all the things I have ever done I have to tell you true


The greatest prize I ever won was the love I won from you

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