Oh, We can make it

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh we can make it....

How many more miles Potter?..........

I'm not sure how many times I heard Michelle ask me that from Tyler Tx to Oklahoma City.....So this is the Crazy, Fun, Fast, but Successful Road trip we had!!!

Last August... the Rockin P girls were chasing the Year End Saddles pretty hard so we had to go to each and every rodeo to pick up points. Tyler Tx, it was a Saturday afternoon rodeo that started at 1.



But for Me, Michelle and Bobbie we had bigger and greater plans of getting together in OKC at the WRCA Range Round Up Ranch Rodeo on Friday to watch some friends and drink a few beers. Michelle always works the rodeo by caring the flag and pushing cattle, for years I made fun of her for it but I stopped once I found out she got paid and a free motel room......so that is a Great Fun Free Weekend for the Cowgirl, laughs are on me now.....So the plans worked out for once and we all had a great time Friday night, and were loaded and ready to hit the rode by 7 am Saturday Morning....



Fatty, Me, Michelle, and The Nice Sub that had never been to a

 ranch rodeo.....but she hung with us!!

I'm sure you are wondering about our 4th person??? Well Kelsey (our team mate) had something come up last minute and we planned to rodeo with the 3 of us, but Michelle got a hold of a friend and we picked her up East of Dallas on our way! Just so happened when we loaded her horse my truck died (which was the feed truck if you could imagine...Dallas, backed up in traffic, feed truck and the WRCA trailer....look out Tyler here we come) The gas gauge didn't work, so I'm guessing we need diesel, Thank God it started and we burped it over to the pump. After the Dodge got a drink and we all went to the "potty" as Fatty calls it, we were back on the rode. At this point Michelle calls back to OKC and tells them that she will be back for tonight performance at 7:30 pm....I'm sure I gave her some kind of look when I heard her say that.......Are you kidding me?......its 5 hours at least from Tyler to OCK.....our rodeo starts at 1, it will last 2 hours....that puts us in the City by 8.....at the earliest, which is after 7:30 dork!!!!

"Oh Potter, we will make it"........(let me remind you I'm driving, not her)


Well....we started thinking how in the Hell we were going to make this work.....Just so happened that we pulled into Tyler 30 minutes before the rules meeting so we decided to fill up the Running Machine, that would be one less stop we would have to make on the way home......And this is when Fatty comes up with the master plan.....


Here we are, not at Tyler.....but some where coming up
 with some kindof a Master Plan!!!

She had a guy friend coming up to watch the rodeo and planned on going back to the WRCA rodeo in the city afterwards.....Bingo!! We were saddling ponies when the poor guy drove up......"Ok here are your Choices 1. You drive the Feed Truck and Trailer back to the city for us and we drive your truck or 2. You pull our trailer back for us so we can drive the Feed Wagon faster"......after a strange look on his face and "Hi, nice to meet ya" he pick option #2!! Wonderful, it was all looking great....not to mention that when I checked us in I begged the book keeper to make us first in the last event!!! So as the rodeo went on things were great, and the nice little sub that Michelle found us fit right in the mix.....(I'm sure she thought we were Crazy)!! After we tied our steer down the the Muggin, Michelle and I ran to the trailer, went to unsaddling horses but the teammates assured us they would take care of it and to get our buts on the rode. Fatty's nice guy friend had already unhooked the trailer, so we were free to head for the City. At the rodeo we talked to a few locals and found a way back to the interstate that cut off 20 miles for us (at this point 20 minutes was gold)....and it was only 2:45!!!!! Just out side of Dallas the team calls to let us know we won the rodeo and Michelle had won Top Hand and Top Horse.....(of course they had to jack with her a little first and tell her somebody else won it....lol which was funnier then shit to she the look on her face when they told her who...lol)!!

 Well we made it at 7:28.... 2 minutes to spare....after fine calculations on miles per hours and construction, we knew we had to drive 85 all the way to make it......so I drove 90 just to make sure!! Michelle had a horse saddled and waiting on her in the tunnel and the Grand Entry was fixing to start......everyone looked at us kinda funny when we rolled out of the truck.....I still had my tie string in my belt and Michelle still had on her leggings!!! And for the other girls, they dropped off the sub, Fatty and they guy friend had a nice long trip home having a flat tire on the trailer and all.......needless to say they missed the Saturday Night Performance of the Range Round Up!!!


Well there ya have it.....The first of many exciting Rodeo Trips we have made over the years!!!

Oh ya....we won those Saddles we were Chasing.....but there is more to that story later!!

Amy Potter