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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chris, Husband, often called Honey. Have you ever heard people say they married their "Best Friend"? I have.... and I DID!!

Our story isn't like most, but does have a happy ever after.

They say opposites attract.....well that is us. Our Wedding Invitations said: He whispered "will you marry me" and I screamed "Yes".  He is a  man of few words and I'm a chatter box. 

Growing up in a small town in Kansas, new faces in town were always welcomed. And a big welcome if they were a cowboy.  Funny thing is I had seen him around town just a couple times when going back and forth from high school, work, and the arena.  One day his Aunt Debbie introduced us and of course that shy little smile of his gave me butterflies. With a little push on the back from a couple of friends, I stopped by and asked him to go out sometime.....Who would have thought he would have taken me up on the date?


 It was all over from there....we were together from there on out.  Until he went on the semi with his dad for a week and I was lost with out him. Yes, Me "Little Miss Independent," I can do anything and don't need anybody.  Boy was I lost, but to add to it I left for High School National Finals the very next week and he was just as lost with out me as I was with out him. 

After only 6 months of dating we were fixing to find out what life was all about, we were going to be parents. Scared, excited, ummm a little bit of each and every emotion was running through us. Two kids later and almost 11 years together we have grown so close it is crazy.

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 I have to brag just a little....I know I'm proud and could brag all day...... as I sure hope you could brag on your husband to. I have a friend and a provider all in one.

Chris is a hard worker.. having several jobs, just because he loves to work. He runs this 6,000 acre ranch by himself on top of shoeing 60+ horses on a six week rotation. Anybody who knows Chris knows he takes pride in everything he does from work, family, training horses, to riding Broncs. I could go on and on.....but most importantly he is a GREAT Dad. Taking time to teach the kids the cowboy way, the right way, and the respectful way of doing daily skills. 

I love that it has been several years and a lot of tears along the way and I still get butterflies when he winks at me across the room.  So this is for him, I could never Thank God enough for Blessing me with such a great soul mate.  I pray everyday that I can be half the spouse to him that he is to me.

Well that is a piece of the pie I call Love....there will be many more details and stories as I share my life with you.


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