The Windmill Man

Friday, June 3, 2011


Life here on the Ranch is Fun and Exciting........

When Chris came back in the yard this evening after a short ride on a colt, we got to looking at the old windmill in the front yard. I LOVE windmills, but this one is old and not too pretty to look at and it is right on display in the circle drive. 


chris wm 4.jpg
chris wm3.jpg


"Honey, lift me up there so I can put a rope on it"..........said The Cowboy!

Me asking....."You trust me to control the tractor with your life riding on the front?" (I do promise you he was a little nervous about the and looked over his shoulder a couple times to make sure my hands were off the controls and to give me one of those looks)




It only took the longest rope he could find in the barn, a little lift from the tractor, and a few loops to judge the strength of the wind...........Oh how the Kids went wild when he caught it......and I'm not going to lie, I was a little excited myself!! I whispered to my heart this was as close I was very going to get to a "Cowboy Roping the Moon"......hahha




chris windmill.jpg

It came down with grace and the Cowboy was kinda proud of a job well done, never underestimate a Cowboy and a Rope!


Well there ya have it, just 1 evening of a Rancher's Wife.......And as always blessings from Our Brand to Yours!

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